Leah McGowan


Common sense designer with a love of all things consistent, with conceptual ideas, clean layouts and white space.

A designer that knows how to spell!

I actually read the content in front of me. I proof, I check, I proof again. I correspond with page numbering, referencing and the general written word. I triple check everything.

Annual Report Cover

Annual Reports.
Investment Memorandums.

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Logo Design.
Corporate Identity.

Consistency is key.

This cannot be iterated enough. For consistency of brand appeal, maintaining the look and feel is crucial.

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Website Content Creation. Website Design.
Website Development.

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Exhibition Displays.
Hanging Banners.
Flying Banners.

[ No Bruce Banners ]

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did you know?

Good practice says that 66 characters per line is a happy medium for the human eye to read.

Gift Vouchers.

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helpful hint

The definition of final text

does not mean you supply the designer with haphazard text you threw together before the meeting. This text is to be used in the final job.

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TEL: 07 3350 2169

Need a designer with common sense!

Common sense isn’t as common as you think. A designer’s challenge is to get what’s in your head, into their head, then they can full steam ahead.

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